EXPAND your POPTFOLIO with Commodities

Benefit from the exceptional volatility of the global commodities markets with Trading500. Track market activity with ease, from your computer, phone or tablet and seize opportunities as they emerge, trading from anywhere, at any time

Broaden your portfolio with our wide range of commodities so as to mitigate risk and open new potential avenues for profit. Choose raw energy products like crude oil and natural gas, precious metals like gold, silver, platinum and palladium, or agricultural assets such as coffee, cocoa and corn.

Enter the markets the smart way, using our interactive charts, technical indicators and essential risk management features. Trade commodities with confidence, on a reliable platform that offers high availability, stability and instant trade execution.


Over 200 assets- a vast selection of currencies, stocks, commodities and indices

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Cross platform capability- account access from your computer, tablet or mobile

Trading Terms

Benefit from highly attractive trading conditions on hundreds of available assets. Take advantage of the lucrative opportunities presented by the global forex and CFD markets, enjoying commission free trading, with zero fees, versatile, generous leverage and exceptionally narrow spreads.

Commodities Trading Conditions

Instrument Spread* (from) Leverage ** (up to) Trading hours (GMT+2) Monday-Friday
RICE 6 1:50 02:05-03:55, 15:35-20:10
COCOA 700 1:50 11:46-19:29
COTTON 1500 1:50 03:05-20:19
CORN 2100 1:50 02:05-14:40, 15:35-20:10
SBEAN 200 1:25 02:01-14:44, 15:31-20:19
WHEAT 7500 1:50 02:05-14:40, 15:35-20:10
SUGAR 100 1:50 10:35-19:59
COFFEE 1950 1:50 11:16-19:29
NGAS 100 1:50 00:06-22:55
RBOB 1260 1:50 00:01-22:59
HOIL 1260 1:100 00:01-22:59
OIL 100 1:100 00:05-22:55
BrentOIL 100 1:100 03:05-23:55
PLATINUM 800 1:100 00:06-22:55
COPPER 7 1:100 00:05-22:59
XAGUSD 2100 1:125 00:06-22:55
XAUUSD 100 1:100 00:06-22:55
PALLAD 1600 1:100 00:01-22:55

Trading commences each Sunday at 22:00 GMT and closes on Friday at 22:00 GMT. Opening market orders and placing orders during the daily break is not possible.

Due to low liquidity in global markets, between 23:00 GMT and 24:00 GMT, spreads for Gold, Silver and Oil might be widened.

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